The LOADSTAR Library

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A Collection of Loadstar Issues

Issues 220-250


Issue 220

Schotz (like Candy Crunch), Sampled Sounds, and More

Issue 221

Quizzes, Adventure, Classic Fun, and Media Wares

issue 222

Demos, Classic Games, and Lots of Mandelbrot

Issue 223

Zix, Qix, Gloobers, and High Noon - plus Team Patrol, Puzzles, and Music

Issue 224

Mr. Do's Castle and other Games and Puzzles, plus Music and Articles

Issue 225

Chock full of remarkable games in a tiny space - I Kilobyte or less! Do that on a PC!

Issue 226

Midwest Graphics, Old Timey Music, Neural Network Model, and a Bunch of Games

Issue 227

Metal Warrior 4 (huge game) and International News

Issue 228

New and Classic Games, Music, and Graphic Arts


Issue 229

Impossible Mission, Euro Demo, and International News

Issue 230

International SID music, Arkanoid and MOOD (Doom for the C64)

Issue 231

News from the Lucki Expo, a New Language, and 3-D Breakout

Issue 232

New Game, International News, and Funny Ware

Issue 233

CG Movie, CHORDcentration, International News, Computer History, and some Funware

Issue 234

Classic Games, Computer History, and Golum (like Lemmings)

Issue 235

Classic interviews with Commodore Pioneers, nifty Games, and the final part of a History of Computers

Issue 236

Quips, Quiz, Conquest, and Quandaries


Issue 237

Martian Chess, Cybercop, Programming Tutorial, and C64 Music Ware

Issue 238

Chock full o' International News, Tutorials, and some Brand New Games and Puzzles

Issue 239

News, Tutorials, Utilities, and Major Fun

Issue 240

Enjoy Games and Puzzles that are clever and fun, plus music and graphic art

Issue 241

Contains a couple of Photo Impressionistic entertainments, plus C64 news from around the world and a major game.

Issue 242
Demos, Puzzles, Sounds, and my favorite Assembler


Issue 243

2005 in the News, Articles, Games, and Utilities

Issue 244

Several Games, A couple of puzzles, and two Photo Impressionistic Entertainments

Issue 245

Unique puzzles, Lots of Game, and Pictures from Scotland

Issue 246

Graphics, Puzzles, Games, Articles

Issue 247

Classic Utilities, Clever Games, Entertainments


Issue 248

Puzzles, Music, Games, and a New Basic Extension

Issue 249

Pirate adventure, 4-Doku, Star Video Poker, and a Pick-Ur-Path Story


Issue 250

Mondo Wordo II, Ringside Boxing, and Battleship