The LOADSTAR Library

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A Collection of Loadstar Issues

Loadstar Monthly Disk Magazine for the Commodore 64 began in 1984 - and continued to 2007 - publishing 248 issues packed to the BAM (Block Access Manager) with games, applications, articles, entertainments, and tutorials. We have here a number of issues for your enjoyment, available in *.D81 file format. These files work just like a 1581 disk on a VICE Emulator

Issues 200-219


The "Dave Moorman Years"


Issue 200 - Dave Moorman's First Issue

Michael's Puzzle, Mate in Two, Logic Puzzles, Pinball, and Lotto Lunacy


Issue 201 

Link-Up, Numm, and two Laser Storm Games.

Issue 202

Qbix, Conquest (Risk), and Mahjong

Issue 203

Night Mission, Knightsbridge, and Who Wants to Waste an Afternoon?

Issue 204

Tangler, Fire Fighter, and Classic Down, Down, Down.

Issue 205

Talking Eliza, Doris, and Graphic Classics

Issue 206

Pac It, Jax, and Sea to Sea - a Transcontinental Railroad Simulation

Issue 207

Ant Wars, Kamikazi Duck, and Media Ware Tribute to the U.S. of A.

Issue 208

Quizzes and Puzzles, Classy Games, and a Warner Bros. Jukebox

Issue 209

Games written in 2048 bytes or 512 bytes! TetrAttack is an amazing fly-through, accomplished in exactly 512 bytes. But it is just one of a bunch of them. Then play a game of Bridge, or take a couple of Lunar Adventures - or so much more!

Issue 210

Western Ware, Egyptian Ware, and Good Ol' Fashion Fun Ware


Issue 211

Stunning Maze Adventure, Who Wants to Waste an Afternoon (Final Answer?), and Horror-Scope

Issue 212

Brain Ware, Arcade Games, and Escher Graphics

Issue 213

Cybercop, a Multi-Media Mystery, Puzzle Page, and Executrivia

Issue 214

Balls Bouncing Up and Down, Baseball, Blockhead, and Reverso

Issue 215

Puzzles, Poker, Ponies, and Pee Wee Hockey

issue 216

Wizard's Doom, Puzzles, Puns, and Quibble

Issue 217

Photo Impressionistic tribute to 9/11, a Hyper-Book, and even Mario Brothers

Issue 218

Jam packed with Programs, Art, and Puzzles for the Christmas/Winterfest Season

Issue 219

Puzzles, International News, and exciting Multi-Media Presentations