The LOADSTAR Library

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A Collection of Loadstar Issues

Loadstar Monthly Disk Magazine for the Commodore 64 began in 1984 - and continued to 2007 - publishing 248 issues packed to the BAM (Block Access Manager) with games, applications, articles, entertainments, and tutorials. We have here a number of issues for your enjoyment, available in *.D81 file format. These files work just like a 1581 disk on a VICE Emulator

Issues 170 - 199


Issue 170

Spiderette Solitaire, Killdozer, Tears '95, Gallery, Really the Blues

Issue 171

State of the Tower Address, Duchess of Glenwood Solitaire, Spiral Slide, Alexander Nevsky

Issue 172

Baker's Dozen Solitaire, 4 by 4, T-Cubed, Delightful Duo, Lars Toad and the Old Rasta

issue 173

Moojub Sollitaire, Mate in Two, The Elements, Hyperstorybook

Issue 174

La Belle Lucie Solitaire,  Solitaire Pair, More Mate in Two, Alien Infiltration, Stereo Christmas


issue 175

Shamrocks, Fox and Hounds II, Dominator, Domino Logic, Laser Storm II, 

Issue 176

Napoleon Solitaire, Convoy, Tower Dungeon, Songs of the Immigrants, Salt of the Earth

Issue 177

Good Measure Solitaire, Logic Jam, Mojo's Revenge, From Dublin to Rome

issue 178

Yukon Solitaire, Tele-Word, Tribute to Moms, Rune

Issue 179
Scorpion Solitaire, Corky's Universe IV, Musical 30s, Air on a G String

Issue 180

Bristol Solitaire, Star Dijits, Star Crossed, Escape Route, Quickie Juke

Issue 181

Brass Ring Solitaire, Double Bluff, Mated Again, Alfredo's Lost Cause, Infiltration, Munchkin Movie, Loadstar Acid Test of 1999

Issue 182

Riddles of Herne, Limited Solitaire, Fight Songs of the SEC, Route 66 '99, Fun Graphics Machine

Issue 183

King's Audience Solitaire, Mr. Break Thru, Calamity at Kalgoorlie Castle, Music from John Roache

Issue 184

Diplomat Solitaire, Whole Lotta Matin' Goin' On, Ghostworks, Prosequest, and Graphics: Isham's Red Period and Walt's Amazing Pixels

Issue 185

Stalactites Solitaire, The Mine, Star Tiles, Misfortune, and Graphics: Tales of Winter and Isham's Holidays

Issue 186

The Plot, Atlantic Convoy, Isham's World Graphics, Loadstar Family Album


Issue 187

Klondike 2000, Shogun, Mate in Two Many, Blazing Castles

Issue 188

Rotato Solitaire, Nestor, Spaceship Duel, Chuckaluck Challenge, Infiltration, Amadeus Melodies, Loadstar Coffee Table Book

Issue 189

Carousel Solitaire, Euchre, Letterslide, Spacebase, Squirk, Galaxy Trader

Issue 190

Solitaires, Ragtime Music, Walt Harned Graphics

Issue 191 

The Stone of Telnyr RPG, Othello, Solitaires

Issue 192

Nova Screen Art, Solitaires, Pinochle, Telnyr II

Issue 193

Letter Drop, Manhunt, Blip Blaster, Telnyr III, Outpost (Missile Command)

Issue 194

Battleship in Space, GOmoko, Waltz Across Space Graphics

Issue 195

Slide, Shisen Sho, Who Wants to Waste an Afternoon, Star Pulps

Issue 196

Solitaires, Dao, Mate or Die, WWtWaA, Phazar

Issue 197

Solitaires, WWtWaA, Shipwrecked, Return of Alfredo, Mazemerized

Issue 198

Pentulti-Mate in Two, WWtWaA, Solitaires, Chomp

Issue 199

Last Word Solitaire, Checkers, Colossal Cave Adventure, WWtWaA, Power Pinball, Hunter-Killer Atlantic